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BANKS accessories are manufactured from only the highest quality materials giving unrivalled durability, abrasion resistance and tear strength.

680 gms PVC/Polyester: - For all dinghy top or overboom + trailing covers

Standard color is blue unless stated.

Polyester woven fabric coated both sides with PVC.

This has UV stabilizer and fungicide in it.

Cotton Polyester 420gms:- For all dinghy top or overboom + trailing covers.

Standard color is blue unless stated.

Woven filaments of cotton and polyester spun together and passed through a silicon bath. Because it is not an impervious coating like PVC, water moisture can pass though giving the term “breathable”, ideally suited for wooden boats.

Acrylic: - Mainly used for yacht mainsail covers in UK

Acrylic is a woven fabric that is “synthetic cotton”, it is stable, does not shrink, very resistant against UV light and allows moisture to pass through it. Ideally suited for dinghy covers in hot sunny climates. It is not as strong against chafe as cotton/polyester and should not be used for towing.

Coated Polyester: - For dinghy under-covers.

Standard colour is Red unless stated

Woven fabric coated one side with polyurethane, light, strong and will not shrink

WASHING INSTRUCTION – NO harsh detergents / bleach etc.


Mild soapy water, hand hot with a sponge. Rinse off thoroughly.

Cotton/polyester & Acrylic: -

Mild soapy water hand hot, clean with soft bristle brush. Can be machine washable on delicate cycle. Rinse thoroughly clean water, dry positioned back on boat. Can be reproofed using standard cotton reproofed

Coated polyester: -

Mild soapy water hand hot with soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly