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With the exception of the 49er training sails, the fabrics used are from the Contender range, in their Polypreg finish, which is particular suitable for training or cruising dinghy sails. It is very easy to handle and look after, due to its soft finish, yet maintains excellent stability because of its good weave properties.


Specifications includes: sail batten, leech tell tales, clew slider, sail numbers, insignia, headboard, cunningham, 1 row of reefs and sail bag


Specifications includes: stainless steel luff wire, tell tales, tabled leech and sailbag


Specification includes: stainless steel luff wire (made up to genoa length if required), tell tales, tabled leech and sailbag


Specifications includes: full colour choice, chute patch (if required) colour coded leeches, sail numbers and sailbag


Sails can normally be delivered by carrier, either folded in a box or rolled up in a special long protective carton


All prices quoted include VAT